Medura Bloodspiller Admin replied

270 weeks ago

Ok, housing is getting close, and we will soon need gil for our company house. The house will give different bonuses, but most of all, it will be a place for us to hang togheter, craft togheter, plan stuff togeter etc. when we meld for eachother, we wont "meet by the npc a pos x/y in limsa, right next to the blue sheep and the purple tiger" we will meet in the house :D

For that we need a point system. If you donate gil, you get points. Donate shards/crystals = points. Events like planned raids, planned lowlevel dungeons etc. = points. Later events might include stuff like pvp etc. but that comes in same patch as housing.

Ok. so now, you have points, but what to use them on? Well, later we will have a chest specifically for point items, we will put shards/crystals, endgame materials, and highreward items there.

Now, how much should the points be worth? In the end, points is here to get income to the company, so some stuff might be cheaper to buy from market etc. but at the same time, you can think about it as the gl will come back to you through housing, events etc.

For points, i think 1 point per 100 gil. Shards will be buyable for 1 point, crystals for 2, or you can trade them in for 1|4. Endgame materials should be 15 points each, to cover cost of making them mainly, im now talking about hippo leather, twinthread, rose gold nugeet etc. HQ version of said items would cost 30-50 points.

These are not set numbers mind you, just an idea to start up a discussion. In theory, the earlier we get this going, the better.

(At least the endgame materials should be pretty clear, buy for 15 points. I will be donating an infinite amount of hippo leather, twinthread, rose gold nugget and spruce lumber at said price. This means all the gil earned through these points will go to company, and the building of our company house, HAPPY DONATING! : )

also, as soon as the first person starts donating gil, i will make an alphabetical list with members and their current amount of gil. The people responsible for updates and trades with points will be Ground, Blitz and me. At a later point, we can add ranks like event makers etc. which will report to us who have participated and stuff like that.

Darksin Admin replied

270 weeks ago

Sounds like a solid plan, besides donating gil, is it also possible to donate Shards/Crystals etc?

Medura Bloodspiller Admin replied

270 weeks ago

Yup, as ive written in one of the paragraphs, we will have the ability to donate gil, shards/crystals, and certain materials. Though, we will have to discuss point amount and such first, i.e. my idea is a 1|4 trade with shards/crystals, but to some that might be a bit harsh? So im not 100% sure :P

So for now, donating gil will be the best way, as thats a pretty fair way of earning them.
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